5 Fashion Blogs to Get You Started

Whether you’re a seasoned fashion blogger or just getting started, there are several options out there for you to choose from. These include sites like InGallery, Luxuo, Girl with Curves, and One Dapper Street.

Gracie Opulanza

Gracie Opulanza is a savvy entrepreneur and the editor-in-chief of MenStyleFashion, but she’s not just an internet tycoon with a hefty web presence. Her other responsibilities include the eponymous gimmick of a fashion blog that isn’t a carbon copy of her sister’s, as well as her co-founding of a nifty little kids’ fashion blog. While Gracie’s fashion blog is certainly not a household name, her tenacity and passion for style have earned her the respect of some of the best in the business. She’s also a well-respected fashion photographer, and a dab hand at styling the sexiest of men.

While Gracie’s fashion blog certainly isn’t for everyone, it’s the sexiest, most fashionable and most fun blog to read – a combination a lot of people would envy.

One Dapper Street

Featuring both classical and street wear influences, One Dapper Street is a best fashion blog for men that offers a mix of dapper styles and menswear advice. The blog is run by Marcel Floruss, a German dancer and fashion stylist who studied at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York. He also has an Instagram account and a YouTube channel.

The blog focuses on menswear, sports and style, as well as interior design and men’s beauty products. It has a huge following, with over 300,000 followers worldwide. This makes it the most influential men’s fashion blog on the Internet.

The website is a great resource for anyone interested in the latest fashion innovations, and offers advice on how to mix and match pieces for an individual’s personal taste. The layout is easy to navigate, and the website features a map of the best menswear stores in London.

Girl with Curves

Besides sharing fashion and beauty tips, Tanesha Awasthi is also a social media star. Her blog Girl with Curves has over 1.5 million followers. The site’s goal is to empower women through fashion.

Tanesha is an American fashion blogger and stylist. She was born in San Jose, California, and began blogging about fashion and lifestyle when she was in high school. After her blogs went viral, she gained thousands of followers. She has since worked with fashion and beauty brands and has appeared in several entertainment magazines. She has also landed a clothing line, Girl With Curves Collection.

As a style influencer, Tanesha helps her followers find their personal style and confidence. In addition to fashion, she promotes health and happiness. She has over 1.6 million Instagram followers.


LUXUO is a high-end fashion and lifestyle blog headquartered in Singapore. They do the usuals like fashion, beauty, style, travel and technology. They are also on hand at the most glamorous trade shows and events. They have a cult following of 1 million monthly visitors and they have multiple editions in different countries. They are one of the largest luxury media companies on the planet. They have a well-thought out content strategy and a great social media platform. They are known for the quality of their product, the sexiest of their editors and their customer service.

They may not be the first name in fashion blogs but their site has a good selection of content. They have a cool website layout, good mobile presence and a mobile app to boot. They are also a good source of luxury product reviews and their blog etiquette is top notch. They have a small team of writers, but they work closely with the brands they cover to create fresh content.

WP Retina 2x

Using WP Retina 2x on fashion blogs can enhance the site’s look and make it more user-friendly on different devices. It works by serving up the images in Retina format on all kinds of compatible devices, whether they are Windows, Mac, or iPhone.

The first step is to make sure that the site’s images are in the proper size. If they are not, the images can appear blurry on high-resolution displays, such as a Macbook Pro.

Another thing to consider is the image file size. Retina images are twice as large as regular images. This can cause your site to slow down, as it has to load the image two times to display it.


Adding an InGallery to your blog is a good way to boost your web traffic and increase sales. InGallery is a plugin that adds an Instagram feed to your website. It also comes with a slew of features including pop ups, CTA buttons, and different color schemes. The plugin also makes it easy to integrate your Instagram photos and other Instagram-worthy images into your blog.

InGallery isn’t the only Instagram plugin for your WordPress site. If you’re serious about your Instagram game, you’ll also want to check out the WP Retina 2x plugin, which optimizes images for retina displays.

Astra is a great WordPress theme for fashion blogs and retailers. It’s flexible and customizable, with more than 100 pre-built templates to choose from. It also has a ready-made portfolio section. It’s also a jack of all trades with support for lots of e-commerce plugins.

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