Benefits and How To Get Ecommerce Reviews

Reviews are a powerful way to build trust with your shoppers. They let them authenticate products, compare businesses, and determine which ecommerce sites deserve their hard-earned dollars.

It’s important to make the review process as easy as possible by strategically triggering reviews via email, on your website, and across your social media channels. Reviews will not only increase sales, but also boost your SEO rankings!

Increased Conversion Rates

When it comes to ecommerce reviews, many businesses can see significant improvements in their conversion rates. This is because customer reviews are a big part of the decision-making process for most online buyers. Reviews can be found on websites, social media channels, and ecommerce marketplaces like Amazon.

The best way to get reviews is to encourage your customers to share their experience with your business. This can be done by sending well-timed review request emails and offering a small incentive. For example, a discount on their next purchase or free shipping can be a great motivating factor.

Another effective way to get ecommerce reviews is to respond to negative reviews in a professional and honest manner from This shows potential shoppers that you value their feedback and are willing to make changes based on the insights they provide. It also builds trust and can help turn a one-time buyer into a loyal customer. In addition, you can use reviews to inform your content marketing strategy by creating blog posts and social media ads that showcase positive experiences with your products.

Better SEO Rankings

Reviews in ecommerce build trust with customers and help potential buyers feel confident they’re purchasing a high-quality product. They also give you insights on how your business and products are performing. Even negative feedback can be beneficial if used wisely. For example, if a customer mentions a problem with your shipping or a bad experience with a team member, this can be a good opportunity to address the issue publicly and apologize.

Adding reviews to product pages helps improve SEO because search engines like Google reward sites that have original and fresh content. Plus, reviewers often use keywords when writing their reviews, which means those words can boost your rankings in search results.

Make sure to encourage your shoppers to leave reviews by asking them at the right time. A great way to do this is by automating your review request process. Emails that automatically ask for a review from verified buyers after they receive their order are more likely to be read and responded to.

Increased Traffic

As a powerful source of social proof, online reviews can help you turn visitors and browsers into paying customers across all of your digital marketing channels. Reviews can be displayed on product pages, in ecommerce ads, and even in your email marketing campaigns.

When used properly, a robust review infrastructure can help you achieve high-quality, rich search engine snippets and boost your organic SEO rankings over time. It is important to strategically prompt your customers to provide reviews at key points throughout their journey, including after their purchase and during the delivery process. If you have a negative review, responding to it in a transparent manner can also help restore trust in your brand.

Improved Reputation

When you have a large quantity of positive reviews for your product, people are more likely to share them on social media and recommend them to their friends. This increases the reach of your advertising and builds brand trust.

When it comes to buying products, online shoppers scour websites and marketplaces like Amazon and Etsy for reviews. A single negative review can deter potential customers from purchasing your product, so it is important to have a healthy mix of positive and negative reviews.

Embracing reviews is one of the best ways to grow your eCommerce business. Use them across your website, social media, and in your email marketing campaigns to build trust with customers and improve SEO rankings. Remember that every review, even a negative one, can be a learning opportunity for your business so make sure to respond and address any issues quickly and honestly. This will show customers that you care about their experiences and are always improving.