Cute Nicknames For Boys in Hindi

If you’re looking for a cute nickname for your little boy, look no further than these adorable Hindi names. From traditional to modern, these Hindi baby boy names have a lot to offer.

Padaku is a cool nickname for boys who are bookworms. It also fits well for friends who can’t get their noses out of books.


Padaku is a cool nickname for a friend who is really a bookworm. This is a great way to address your boy friend who has his nose buried in books.

Do you have a guy friend who silently farts and fills the room with obscene smell? Then he is the one you call “Children of the Forest”. This is also an excellent nickname for someone who is quite gullible!


Sundari is an amazing Hindu Girl name and parents typically give their infants this name because it is meaningful and significant. It is a gorgeous name and it originates from the Hindi language.

If your friend has coiled or spring like curly hair, then you can call them Gulabo! This nickname is cute and funny! However, make sure that you don’t use it to make fun of someone who is overweight.


Choti is a Hindi word with several meanings. It is important to understand these meanings in order to use the word correctly. This page will provide you with the necessary information to help you do just that.

Those with the name Choti are ambitious and single-minded. They are also creative and often have clever ideas. They enjoy sports and other activities that allow them to regain their sense of balance.


Jaanu means “love” and is the perfect nickname for your sweetheart. This name is popular in India and could be a good choice for your little love.

Riddhiman is a cool Hindu name that denotes good fortune. This is a rare name that can help set your boy on the right path from the beginning. The meaning also encourages devotion and is sure to make him an excellent student.


Bulbul is the perfect nickname for a guy who loves to have fun. It also has a few mythological connections and can signify romance or fidelity.

This name isn’t as popular as others on this list but it has a classic Hindi charm. It can give your little one a strong base to grow upon. Tushar can also refer to frost or snow, bringing a unique touch of nature into your baby boy’s life.


Chutki is a cute nickname for boys that translates to “little guy.” This is the perfect name for someone who is small or young.

Kairava means “born from water,” which is a symbol of spiritual growth. This is a unique and beautiful name for your little one. It also has a lot of meanings that can inspire him throughout his life.


Curly is a cute nickname for boys in Hindi. It is a good way to show them that you love them. This word is also used to describe someone with a lot of curls or waves in their hair.

More examples of this word are coiled, convoluted, crimped, kinky, or spiralled. Our online English to Hindi dictionary can help you find more words like Curly.


Gulabo is a great nickname for someone who is round or chubby. It also works well for a friend who tries too hard to be a stud.

Launda is a cute nickname for a risk-taker who loves to do crazy stunts. It can also be used for a rich friend who doesn’t shy away from showing off his money!


For that friend who always has her nose in a book, you can call her Chikni. This cute nickname is derived from the song Chameli from Karan Johar’s Agneepath, performed by Kareena Kapoor.

Sundari is a nice nickname for girls with beautiful looks. Chutki means compact sized, so you can use it for your petite friend. Jaanu is a romantic nickname that you can give your lady love.


Bukhad means to spread out or unfold something that is rolled or folded up. It can also refer to someone who is generous or open-handed.

Bukhad can be a cute nickname for a boy who is a little shy but has a big heart. He is always there for his friends and will help them whenever they need it. He is a great friend to have.