Cyber Switching Secures Electric Vehicle Infrastructure

If you’re considering installing an electric vehicle charging infrastructure, consider a system like Cyber Switching. This innovative solution is safe, reliable, and easy to install. If you’d like to install a Cyber Switching system, please contact a manufacturer’s representative to learn more. Once you’ve contacted the manufacturer, you can get pricing and installation options.

Use Your Energy More Efficiently—How?

Public charging for electric vehicles is painful and often impossible. One solution is to standardize and federate charging infrastructure, allowing public charge points to be cross-billed. Companies like Cyber Switching, one of the largest providers of charging infrastructure in the US, have agreements to roam to 150,000 other chargers, which could lead to increased competition. Cyber Switching is a new technology for charge points, but it requires more than that.

The research on electric vehicle infrastructure was funded by the National Science Foundation, but manufacturers have not considered cybersecurity when developing their infrastructure. The initial test event involved a cyber-attack on six electric vehicle chargers, including those owned by Cyber Switching. Cyber-attacks could put the entire charging infrastructure at risk, and an intentional blackout could result. This would cause widespread disruption, and EV drivers would be unable to recharge their vehicles.

Good Initiative From Cyber Switching

In order to make the switch to mass-market EVs as smoothly and cost-effective as possible, reliable charging infrastructure is necessary. A network of public charge points must be maintained and repaired quickly and must guarantee at least 99% availability. Additionally, users must be able to contact Cyber Switching’s customer service team should they experience any issues while charging. Providing a customer service and support team for drivers and consumers is key to ensuring the success of the initiative.

There are growing concerns about cybersecurity in the energy sector, particularly when it comes to EV charging stations. The infrastructure is becoming increasingly complex and includes IoT technology, payment management, data analytics, and multiple vectors for cyberattacks. As a result, it is essential to scan charging stations for vulnerabilities and protect them from attacks.

Sustainable Charging System

Many EV devices contain a web server that can be accessed remotely. This could allow a malicious person to modify data and access other systems. The risk of decryption to a backend system is especially high. Furthermore, some charging stations include hardware that’s not secure, such as a USB port, that can be compromised. And even worse, the devices are not protected from external attacks.

In addition to the physical vulnerabilities of an infected charging station, hackers can also use the charging system’s control system to manipulate the amount of electricity that it releases. As a result, EV drivers’ hard-earned money could end up in hackers’ hands on another continent. Cybercriminals can even use this information for blackmail, identity theft, and surveillance. And with increased cyber threats, EV charging stations will need to be prepared.

The companies have completed a beta program with the EVMC and are now rolling it out to EV drivers. Cyber Switching Solutions, a software company, developed a system to control charging stations at multiple locations. This system allows businesses to maximize electrical service and avoid paying utilities’ demand charges. The company’s EVMC is ready for commercial use, with several companies planning to deploy the technology in their facilities.

What’s Next?

While these EV charging networks are not unique to cybersecurity threats, the potential impact of denial-of-service attacks and account hacks is substantial. The networks of EV charging stations will become critical infrastructure, and a hacker could impact the electric grid. As a result, cybersecurity will be a top priority.

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