Find Top Entertainment Cities in the World

While the Philippines may not be the first name that comes to mind when it comes to gaming and leisure, it looks like the country is on its way to reclaiming its place among the best. Enter Entertainment City, a massive Las Vegas-like gaming and entertainment complex.

Located in Bay City, Manila, Philippines, E-City is home to four integrated resorts. The complex includes the City of Dreams, Solaire Resort & Casino, Okada Manila and Resorts World Bayshore.

Las Vegas

Las Vegas is an entertainment city that offers a range of activities to suit all tastes. Millions of visitors come to this city every year to gamble, play shows, dine, and enjoy the nightlife.

The most famous attraction in the city is the Strip, which runs along the south side of downtown and is surrounded by casinos and hotels. It is also home to the Stratosphere Tower, one of the world’s tallest observation towers.

Another great place to spend time in Vegas is the city’s Art District. This area is a vibrant community filled with art galleries, craft cocktails and inspiring plays.

It is also a top destination for kids with its Discovery Children’s Museum, which features interactive play areas that let children apply critical thinking skills. They can use their imaginations and enjoy a variety of activities such as shaking earthquake tables, playing with dinosaur bones and even climbing structures.


London is one of the world’s great cities, a top-tier global centre of culture, finance, and learning. It’s also a popular entertainment destination, boasting numerous casinos and a vibrant music scene.

Throughout the city, visitors can enjoy various forms of entertainment at some of the best bars, clubs and restaurants in the country. Many of these venues offer live performances by local musicians.

The capital of the United Kingdom and the largest metropolis in Britain, London is home to a variety of museums, parks and landmarks that are visited by millions of tourists each year. The area’s historic sites, like Buckingham Palace and Westminster Abbey, are also important attractions that tourists can visit to learn more about the rich history of this cosmopolitan city.

A major centre for the film industry, London plays a pivotal role in the production of many films, as well as the distribution and post-production of these films. In addition, it has a strong special effects community and is a major centre for international business and commerce.


Tokyo is an 娛樂城 that expertly blends tradition with innovation. The city is known for its historic shrines and temples, performing arts such as Noh and Kabuki, new trends in fashion, music, art, technology and animation.

Getting around Tokyo is easy by metro or underground train. The escalators are always smooth, and every station has a cute tune playing in the background.

There’s also a lot of street performers who perform at various locations. They range from Andes flute and drum groups to rock bands, hip-hop dancers, Chinese acrobats and girl singing groups.

If you’re looking for a more spiritual experience, visit the Koukokuji Buddhist temple and the Ruriden columbarium, which contains 2,046 LED-lit glass Buddhas corresponding to the deceased entombed in the shrine. Inputting the deceased’s name in kanji characters causes the headstone to light up.


Moscow, Russia’s capital, is a major entertainment city. There are dozens of movie theaters that show first-run Western movies in English or dubbed in Russian, along with Children’s entertainment centers, a Dolphinarium, racecourses, amusement parks with rides, skating rinks and water parks.

In addition to the Kremlin and Red Square, Moscow is a center for cultural activities such as art galleries, museums and theaters. The Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts and the Tretyakov Gallery host world-class collections.

The historical city center is a blend of the old and new, with many of the older buildings still intact, including some that date back to the 17th century, such as the Old Arbat, a pedestrian-only street that was once the heart of a bohemian neighborhood.

There are also a number of large estates and buildings from the Tsarist era, such as Ostankino, Kuskovo and Uzkoye, which were once owned by noble families. Today they are open to Muscovites and tourists alike.