Julia Lemigova Net Worth – How Rich is the RHOM Star Actually?

Julia Lemigova is a former model who has made a name for herself in fashion as an international fashion model. She has worked with big brands and launched her own skincare and spa line called Russie Blanche.

She is married to tennis star Martina Navratilova since 2014. The reality show star has two daughters named Emma and Victoria. The former beauty queen also had a son named Maximilian Stern who died of shaken baby syndrome.

The Reality Star’s Net Worth

Julia Lemigova is a well-known model and businesswoman. She has worked hard to get where she is now and this has made her very successful. She has a lot to offer and is an inspiration to many people.

The former Russian model and RHOM star rose to fame in the early 90s for her participation in beauty pageants. She enjoyed a financially secure upbringing despite the global political uncertainties of her time thanks to her father who was a high-ranking Soviet aviation specialist. She participated in Miss USSR 1990 and was previously married to Edouard Stern, an eccentric banker who passed away.

She is a proud member of the LGBTQIA+ community and has a long-time partner Martina, with whom she shares a beautiful home in Southwest Ranches, Florida that looks like it came straight out of Green Acres. During the day, they can be found milking goats and feeding chickens while at night enjoying Miami’s hot club scene.

Her Salary

Besides being a reality show star, Julia Lemigova is also a businesswoman who runs her own well-being centers and skincare line. She has an estimated net worth of around $3 million.

During the season 5 reunion, she spoke about her desire to start a family again. However, tragedy struck as her first son Maximilien died at the age of six months due to shaken baby syndrome. She claims that the nanny may have been involved in his death.

This real estate guru is one of the richest RHOM cast members. Her income comes from her work on the show, and she also has a real estate management company. She is an advocate for the LGBTQIA+ community and is married to tennis legend Martina Navratilova. She also has her own fashion lines and travels frequently. In addition to her other businesses, she also owns a farm where she keeps goats and chickens. She has more than 60,000 followers on Instagram and shares pictures of her family and adventures with them.

Business Ventures

The Russian beauty’s success as a model and businesswoman has helped her amass an impressive portfolio of assets. In addition to establishing herself as a coveted fashion model, she also ventured into philanthropic work, particularly for LGBTQ rights.

Lemigova’s style and innate ability to attract attention make her the go-to choice for various brands for their advertising campaigns. She has a vast network of friends in the industry and actively supports emerging designers.

She also owns the Joiya Spa well-being center and a skincare line called Russie Blanche. The beauty also presides over her own PR firm, and as the former executive editor of Venue magazine she kept abreast of trends and is well-versed in current fashion.

At the RHOM reunion, she revealed that her family in Russia-where LGBTQ rights are limited-has been supportive of her relationship with Martina Navratilova. The pair have two daughters, Victoria and Emma, and the couple often post pictures of them on Instagram.

Personal Life

Lemigova has made her money in several different ways, from bagging modeling gigs to running her own PR firm. She’s also made some cash from her RHOM appearances, but her biggest source of income is her burgeoning business ventures.

The model started her entrepreneurial journey in the early 2000s when she opened Joiya Spa, a well-being center in Paris. She later went on to launch a skincare line called Russie Blanche.

She’s also a mother; she and her husband have one son, Maximilien. Sadly, the young boy died at just six months due to shaken baby syndrome.

Despite her unfortunate loss, the reality star has managed to continue on with a happy and fulfilling life. She’s now married to Martina Navratilova, and the couple lives on a small farm outside of Miami. The pair has a large menagerie of animals, including chickens and goats. They also enjoy milking cows and churning their own butter. It’s a truly inspiring story of perseverance!