Professional Chef Turned Food Influencer Sylvia Fountaine Urges All to Opt for Healthy Food Choices for Overall Well Being

Eating healthy foods can be quite challenging, especially when you don’t have enough time or energy to prepare nutritious food. But the fact is that this does not need to be a roadblock to your efforts to consume healthy foods! Sylvia Fountaine, a leading food blogger with decades of experience running her vegetarian restaurant and catering business, urges her large follower base to opt for healthy food choices for overall well-being. 

Sylvia claims that eating healthy does not have to be time-consuming, nor do you need to be a chef to be able to cook healthy and tasty food. Using her years of culinary experience, she helps her followers innovate in the kitchen with her easy-to-follow, healthy food recipes that are easily prepared. 

Sylvia is a chef, author, and Saveur Blog Awards Finalist. Her blog is home to hundreds of veggie-powered recipes; the best thing is that she doesn’t refrain from sharing her special chef’s tips and tricks in the kitchen. Her goal is to make it easier for people all across the world to enjoy seasonal, plant-rich, whole-food recipes that nurture the body, mind, and spirit.

Feasting at Home is a culmination of Sylvia’s years of experience in the kitchen. She regularly shares seasonal, globally inspired, whole food recipes to transform modern families’ eating habits and make homemade food as nourishing as possible. There is no secret in the fact that good health begins in the kitchen, and our biggest obstacle to living a healthy lifestyle is lack of time. However, if you follow Sylvia’s cooking space, you will be amazed that cooking a nutritious meal is no longer challenging. She has managed to help so many people get on track to leading a nutritious lifestyle. Her website is a valuable resource that has inspired many to create their own simple, healthy feasts at home. 

What’s more, she also shares inspiring quotes on the blog as little nudges to motivate people to change their perspective on cooking. For her, cooking is a therapeutic practice to still thoughts and ground herself. It helps restore herself and the people around her who can feel the energy. She teaches people that food is much more than mere survival; it is a great way to share joy with loved ones without having the need to say a word! 

If you are inspired to change your lifestyle, nourish the body, and reset cravings, check out Sylvia’s Plant-Based Diet plan here, which is a complete guide to help anyone restore balance in the body. The best part: it is free and super simple to follow!

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