The Tragedy of the Band of the Hawk in Berserk

Berserk, the dark fantasy epic penned by Kentaro Miura, weaves a narrative tapestry of despair, betrayal, and unrelenting darkness. At the heart of this grim saga lies the tragic fate of the Band of the Hawk, a once-mighty mercenary group led by the charismatic Griffith. In this article, we delve into the profound tragedy that befalls the Band of the Hawk, exploring the circumstances, emotional impact, and lasting echoes of their untimely demise.

The Golden Age Arc: Rise to Glory:

The Band of the Hawk emerges as a formidable mercenary group during the Golden Age Arc, a period marked by Griffith’s audacious dream to attain his own kingdom. Under his leadership, the Band achieves unprecedented success on the battlefield, winning battles and earning renown. Guts, the lone wolf mercenary, becomes a pivotal figure, rising through the ranks to become Griffith’s most trusted lieutenant.

The camaraderie within the Band becomes a cornerstone of the series, with characters like Casca, Judeau, Corkus, and Pippin forming a tight-knit family bound by loyalty and shared aspirations. Readers witness not only the exhilarating victories but also the quieter moments of camaraderie that elevate the Band beyond a mere group of mercenaries.

Griffith’s Ambition and the Eclipse:

The tragedy of the Band of the Hawk unfolds with the increasing ambition of Griffith, whose desire for power and transcendence leads to a fateful pact with the God Hand. In the Eclipse, a nightmarish ritual orchestrated by Griffith, the Band faces a cataclysmic betrayal. Griffith sacrifices his comrades, including those who stood by him through thick and thin, in a dark and horrifying ceremony that transforms him into Femto, the fifth member of the God Hand.

The Eclipse stands as a pivotal moment, shattering the dreams and lives of the Band of the Hawk. The emotional impact is visceral, as characters meet gruesome fates, and the bonds forged in battle are severed in the most traumatic manner possible. The tragedy is not just in the physical deaths but in the violation of trust and the irreversible rupture of the familial bonds that once defined the Band.

Guts’ Descent into Darkness:

Guts, the indomitable swordsman, survives the Eclipse, marked with the cursed Brand of Sacrifice and burdened by the trauma of witnessing the horrific events. The tragedy of the Band propels Guts into a solitary quest for revenge against Griffith and the God Hand. His journey becomes a descent into darkness, haunted by the memories of the Eclipse and fueled by an unquenchable thirst for vengeance.

Guts’ transformation into the Black Swordsman epitomizes the tragedy of the Band of the Hawk. Once part of a family, Guts is now a lone avenger, his only companions being the haunting specters of the fallen and the mystical being known as Puck. The tragedy reverberates through Guts’ character, shaping his actions and defining his relentless pursuit of Griffith.

Casca’s Shattered Psyche:

Casca, the brave and skilled warrior within the Band, endures a particularly tragic fate in the aftermath of the Eclipse. Her mind shatters under the weight of the trauma, leaving her in a state of profound madness. Casca’s character arc becomes a poignant exploration of the lasting psychological scars inflicted by the Eclipse.

Her tragedy is not only in the physical violation she suffers but in the loss of agency, identity, and the potential for a future free from the horrors of the Eclipse. Casca’s shattered psyche becomes a symbolic reflection of the shattered dreams and aspirations of the Band of the Hawk.

Impact on Surviving Characters:

For those who survive the Eclipse, the tragedy lingers as a haunting specter. Characters like Rickert, the youngest member of the Band, and Godo, the blacksmith who mentored Guts, are left to grapple with the emotional aftermath. Their lives are forever altered by the loss of friends and the irrevocable change in the world they once knew.

The surviving members must cope with survivor’s guilt, a sense of helplessness, and the burden of living in a world forever altered by the demonic forces unleashed during the Eclipse. The tragedy continues to shape their actions and decisions as they navigate the treacherous landscapes of Berserk’s world.

Griffith’s Descent and the Ambiguity of Tragedy:

The tragedy of the Band of the Hawk extends to Griffith himself. Despite his ascent to power as Femto, the member of the God Hand, there is an inherent tragedy in his transformation. Griffith’s pursuit of his dream and the cost it exacts on those who believed in him result in a fall from grace that is both horrifying and, in a tragic sense, pitiable.

The ambiguity of Griffith’s character adds layers to the tragedy. Is he a villain deserving of condemnation, or is he a tragic figure ensnared by his own ambitions and the machinations of fate? The nuanced portrayal of Griffith’s descent blurs the lines between antagonist and tragic hero, challenging readers to grapple with the complexity of morality in the world of Berserk.

Legacy of the Band of the Hawk:

The tragedy of the Band of the Hawk leaves an enduring legacy that permeates the narrative arcs that follow the Golden Age. The characters’ struggles against the demons of the past, their attempts to find purpose amid the chaos, and their encounters with Guts—the living reminder of their collective tragedy—shape the trajectory of Berserk’s narrative.

The Band’s legacy becomes a thematic undercurrent, exploring the cyclical nature of violence, the pursuit of redemption, and the impact of trauma on the human spirit. As new characters enter the fray, they navigate a world haunted by the shadows of the Band’s tragic fate, underscoring the enduring influence of their story on the tapestry of Berserk.


The tragedy of the Band of the Hawk is a narrative masterstroke in Berserk, leaving an indelible mark on both the characters and the readers. Kentaro Miura’s ability to evoke genuine emotion through the harrowing events of the Eclipse is a testament to the power of storytelling. The Band’s tragic fate becomes more than a plot point; it is a deeply emotional journey that explores the fragility of dreams, the consequences of ambition, and the enduring impact of betrayal. As readers traverse the dark and haunting landscapes of Berserk, the tragedy of the Band of the Hawk remains etched in the collective memory, a somber reminder of the relentless darkness that pervades this unparalleled dark fantasy epic.