3 Recommendations by Content Creator Dr. Ross Blagg on How to Balance One’s Medical and Personal Life

To manage lifelong learning and provide quality treatment, medical students and practitioners need to practice self-care and strike a healthy work-life balance. One needs to develop effective balancing abilities to advance in the medical industry. Dr. Ross Blagg is one such individual who has successfully blended his medical career with his personal life. A renowned plastic surgeon and medical professional himself, he has offered recommendations on managing one’s personal and professional life based on his own experience.

Combining profession with adventure 

The life of Dr. Ross has been the ideal synthesis of art and science. Ross was tremendously interested in medicine from a very young age. He devoted himself to his work and later realized he could combine his career with adventure, science, and the arts. Since then, he has made an effort to balance his personal and professional life. His initiatives like the Humanitarian Plastic Surgery and the Plastic Surgery Road Trip serve as excellent illustrations of how he organizes his professional life. However, he also provides other medical experts advice on how to combine their work with their passion.

Hard work and staying persistent

Furthermore, he recommends that working hard and staying persistent is crucial to excelling in both his professional and personal life, even during the pandemic days, grounded him from international surgical missions. Dr. Ross didn’t let anything come his way to success; instead, he decided to strike out across his own country with hopes of finding people who had already re-vamped their own lives and needed plastic surgery to complete their journeys. Thus, he advises people to remember the value of persistence and hard work in their fields to achieve a perfect balance in their life.

Connecting with patients 

Lastly, Dr. Ross advises professional workers to keep in mind the reason they opt for medicine. He adds that medical life can be challenging, and looking after every patient can result in both physical and mental burnout. Therefore, he recommends that spending time with your patients can vanish all of your fatigue and exhaustion. He further adds, “I try to always take time with my patients to make them feel valued and to let them know that I do this job because I love it.” 

In conclusion, combining your profession with passion, working hard, and staying connected to your patients are the three key recommendations by renowned content creator Dr. Ross. And following this advice in the future can surely help you balance your medical and personal life in a perfect way.