Targeting Clients on Social Media and How It Works with Content Creator Jeremy Jenson

Social media allows you to reach all corners of the earth and it is foolish to ignore its importance in our daily lives. It gives access to new clientele, irrespective of demographic barriers, which makes it more critical than ever to build new techniques and strategies to help boost your presence on it.

Jeremy Jenson built his recruiting business from scratch by implementing his Lead Generation model. He wanted to eliminate the middleman and go after the clients himself. With more than half of potential clients being present on social media, he uses it to increase his networking and target them.  

With the use of email marketing and content marketing, Jeremy can connect with even more individuals, making his business easy to reach by companies who wish to work with him. Encore Search Partners is a recruiting company working day and night to look for talented professionals to work with their clients. 

This way of marketing generates slow but organic growth for the company and makes it accessible to potential clients. Although Jeremy pays top dollar for the Lead Generation model, email marketing and social media targeting are more affordable. It helps provide the company with much-needed revenue and profits.

Social media has also helped Encore Search Partners create its brand identity; a name that can easily be recognized by anyone looking for a good recruitment company. Jeremy repeatedly shares his company endeavors on his podcast “What Men Want,” and advertises his services explaining how they are the best option in the recruiting industry. 

Encore Search Partners is very careful with social media because they understand their social responsibilities. All the credit goes to Jeremy, since he doesn’t believe in superficial growth tactics, but rather in growing slowly and taking social responsibility very seriously. 

Everything can change in the blink of an eye in this fast-moving world. Changing your tactics and techniques with time is essential. In today’s world, it is imperative that companies like Encore Search Partners stay with the trends of the time by utilizing social media tactics and marketing techniques. Changes and technological advancements aren’t necessarily bad when they are performed and implemented by being socially responsible.