Anti Da Menace Net Worth – Height Age Real Name & Career

The Anti Da Menace to fame after releasing the threat-fueled songs Murder B*tch and Big Eyez. His music videos on YouTube have garnered millions of views. He is also known for his mixtapes titled Forever Da Menace and Legendary.

He has a life path number of 5. People with this number are travelers and seekers of a higher truth.


Rapper Anti Da Menace has achieved a tremendous success in his career. His hard work and dedication have made him a global name in the industry. He has also earned a lot of appreciation from the media and his fans. Anti has contributed a lot to the society and has helped people all over the world.

He has also starred in several movies and television shows. He has a great passion for music and has a good voice. He has a wide variety of songs under his belt. Some of the most popular ones are Big Eyez, Murder B*tch and Drill on Feet.

The 17-year-old rapper, who is of African origin, has an impressive net worth of over $3 million. He makes most of his money through his rapping career. In addition to this, he earns from various sources like his tour performances, record sales, brand endorsements and gifts from his fans. He has a Youtube channel and a website that have millions of views.


Rapper Anti Da Menace is quite young and has just recently risen to fame through his music. He has been recording songs like Big Eyez, Murder Bitch, and Drill on Feet through his Youtube channel 952 Da Label.

He is currently a rising star in the rap industry and has been praised by fellow rappers like Lil Baby. He is on the life path number 5, which indicates that he is a resourceful and ambitious person who is determined to pursue his dreams.

He has a huge following on social media and he earns a lot of money from it. He has also earned a lot of awards and nominations for his outstanding performances. He is quite a talented person and his talent is evident in all of his songs. His upcoming projects are much awaited by his fans.


Known for his songs like Big Eyez and Murder B*tch, the rapper Anti Da Menace was born on August 9, 2004. He is an American rapper based in the west side of Atlanta, Georgia. He has a life path number 5 and his personal year in 2023 is 6.

His journey as a musician has yielded significant financial rewards. He has a net worth of over $3 million, and the bulk of his income comes from music sales. He also earns from his YouTube videos, show performances, and brand promotions.

The rapper is currently working on his upcoming mixtapes. He recently released a new music video titled Navy Seal and is expected to release a song with the same name shortly. Anti has also shared freestyle songs on his YouTube channel. He is an active social media user and regularly shares pictures of himself with his friends and followers. Moreover, he often posts videos on his Instagram account.


Rapper Anti Da Menace is a talented artist with a remarkable skill set. He has a large number of followers on social media platforms who support his music. He is an American rapper who has released a number of mixtapes and singles to date. His newest project, Forever Da Menace, features songs such as Pacman, DEA, Navy Seal, and Automatic Rounds.

Moreover, the southwestern Atlanta native has collaborated with other budding artists like Luh Tyler on his song Get It and Bic Fizzle on Walk Down. He has also shared several freestyle and official music videos on his YouTube channel.

The young rapper is known for his witty and unique rhymes that have become quite popular on the internet. Besides rapping, he has also worked as an actor and has appeared on the big screen in films such as Black Friday and Dead Man Walking. The 18-year-old has kept matters pertaining to his personal life private and it is unknown whether he is currently in a relationship.